Monday, 16 February 2009

Cannabis & Coffee

For those of you schooled in the finer things, here’s a way to mingle your finest homegrown with a sweet, thick Turkish coffee. Afiyet Olsun!


A pot of good coffee.
1 teaspoon of finely-powdered straight Arabian mocha/cup.
A pinch of powdered cardamom seed.
0.5 g of pulverized hashish/cup.
1 teaspoon of honey/cup.

Place the mocha, cardamom and hashish in a Turkish coffee pot. Pour in the coffee. Heat the Turkish pot on a low flame until it threatens to bubble over. Remove it from the heat immediately.

Serve in demitasse or espresso cups with a small spoon. Dissolve in the honey. The coffee is sipped from the top, while the sweet remains of powdered mocha and honey etc... are eaten from the bottom with a spoon.

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