Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Sensible Seeds Articles

Just a quick note to say that back at Sensible Seeds we've got a couple of articles up: 5 Religions You Didn't Know Used Cannabis and Politicians On Pot. They're just for fun - hope you enjoy them!

Cannabis Shortbread

Another short and sweet recipe from THC Talk, this time from Bubbs - Cannabis Shortbread!


4oz cannabutter/regular butter (The more cannabutter you have, the stronger it will be but the "greener" it will taste, so use some regular butter instead if you want a more buttery flavour)
3oz caster sugar
5oz flour
1oz semolina

Cooking Instructions:

Cream the cannabutter and sugar together, until it is creamy and light. Then add flour and semolina gradually, stirring it in with a fork. Draw it all together with fingertips, until you get a dough.

Press it into a greased tin, prick well all over, bake at 150c for about 30-35 mins. Take them out, drench in sugar and cut into shortbread pieces.

Chocolate Orange Truffles

A big shout out to the guys over at THC Talk. Check it out if you haven't been there already, it is a great forum for growers, smokers...and cooks! They've got a great recipes section on the forum, and I'm going to post up some highlights from it. Here's the most delicious one I've come across so far...Cannabis Chocolate Orange Truffles. It's also nice and simple (thanks to MontyBong for posting this up.)


4oz plain chocolate
1oz butter
1oz cannabutter
2 egg yolks
grated zest of half an orange
1/2 tablespoons orange juice or rum
3oz ground almonds
2oz grated chocolate
1oz cocoa powder

1/8 ground bud (optional)

Cooking Instructions:

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan 1/4 full with very hot but not boiling water. Add the butter and melt with the chocolate.

Remove from the heat add the ground bud (if using), egg yolks, orange zest, orange juice or rum and the almonds. Add the grated chocolate and mix to form a thick paste and leave to go cold.
Roll in to balls and dust in cocoa. Simple and delicious!

Don't leave them too long, as they do contain raw egg!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Cannabis Ice Cream - Banana Flavour

Cannabis ice cream sounds like a dream come true - get high and satisfy the munchies at exactly the same time! There are plenty of good ice cream recipes out there - this one is my personal favourite...


30 grams Cannabutter
600 ml single cream
3 tablespoons rum
5 tablespoons honey
4 peeled bananas
70 grams sugar
Pinch of salt

For extra taste, you can add pretty much anything else you like - vanilla extract, cookies, chocolate...be creative!

Cooking method:

Heat the cream in a saucepan until it is just below boiling temperature. Gently melt the cannabutter in another saucepan, mixing in the salt and sugar. As always when you are dealing with cannabutter, be careful not to burn it!

Once the cream is heated and the butter has melted, add the cream to the butter and whisk it in thoroughly. Mash up the bananas in a large bowl and add the cream, rum and honey. Now is the time to throw in anything else (chocolate, cookies and so on) that you just have to have in your icecream!

Beat the mixture well, then pour it into a freezable container. Put it in the freezer until it has gone to a lumpy consistency, then take it out and whisk it until it is smooth. Freeze it again - once it is solid, it is ready to eat. Enjoy!

Marrakesh White Cookies

Credit goes to Adam Goettlieb for this one - his book, The Art and Science of Cooking with Cannabis has some cracking recipes in it, but it's hard to track down. This is one of the simple but tasty ones...


2.5 dl warm cannabutter
1.25 dl sugar or honey
1 egg
2 teaspoons vanilla extract or for variation almond, orange or lemon may be used
7.5 dl flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

Blend together the cannabutter and honey, then beat the egg and stir the vanilla extract into the mixture.

Sift together the flour and baking powder, then combine all the ingredients together to make a dough. Chill the dough until it is firm, then roll it out and cut it into cookies.

Press one almond into the centre of each one, put them on a greased baking tray and cook them at about 190C for 8 minutes or so. Then serve and enjoy!

Basic Cannaboil

Cannabis cooking oil has two main advantages over cannabutter - you can cook with it at higher temperature (necessary for some of the recipes) and it lasts longer if you store it.


30 grams of cannabis
1.5 litres of cooking oil

Once again, this is the basic ratio, feel free to modify this up or down.

Cooking Instructions:

Heat the oil in a large saucepan or frying pan, but be careful that it doesn't start to boil. Hot and just below boiling is the temperature that you want.

Add the cannabis (which should be in a fine powder, like with the cannabutter), and maintain it at a low simmer. If it starts to boil, turn down the heat immediately - it'll ruin the flavour of the entire batch if it burns. Keep stirring it, and let it simmer for two hours or so. The oil will turn a greenish black colour - once it has, it is ready.

Let it cool, then strain it throroughly, and discard the cannabis. It's now ready for use!

Basic Cannabutter

Cannabutter is the classic base ingredient for all kinds of cannabis related cookery. I've always found there's something very special about growing your own stuff from cannabis seeds, then cooking and eating it - very natural!


25 grams of cannabis (I especially recommend either Mango or Blueberry)
500 grams of butter
Several cups of water (it doesn't really matter how much, as it will be seperated in the end anyway)

This is the basic ratio - 20 grams of butter per gram of cannabis. Obviously, you can make more or less depending on your requirements, or how strong you want the stuff to be.

Cooking Instructions:

Grind up the cannabis until it is very, very fine - far finer than if you were going to smoke it. You want to turn it into a fine powder, and an electric or manual coffee grinder is probably the best tool for the job (or you could just put in a little elbow grease with a mortar and pestle.)

Heat the water in a frying pan or saucepan on the hob, then melt the butter on a medium to low heat. Once it has completely melted, add the cannabis powder, stir it in and then turn it down to a very low heat. Keep stirring it (be careful that the butter doesn't burn!). Feel free to enjoy the fumes.

Cook it on a low heat for between two to three hours, depending on how strong you want it to be, then carefully strain the mixture into a jug or jar, seal it up, and stick it in the fridge. A layer of butter will soon solidify above the dirty water. Peel away the butter and throw away the water. The butter is now ready to be used as you see fit!

Intro to the Cannabis Cookbook and Sensible Seeds

Over at Sensible Seeds, we offer one of the best ranges of cannabis seeds around. Of course, what you do with those seeds is your own business. But if, (theoretically of course) you happened to want to cook up some kind of cannabis based dish, you'll need some recipes.

We thought it was high time that we put together a little online cannabis cookbook for people to share recipes. You'd be surprised at the number of different recipes people have come up with for cooking with cannabis. With cannabutter and cannaflour as two of the base ingredients for cannabis products (and the first recipes that we'll feature), just about anything can be cannabalised (excuse the pun!) into something a little bit special.

So, rate the recipes, and suggest your own. Above all, do try this at home!