Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Cannabis Shortbread

Another short and sweet recipe from THC Talk, this time from Bubbs - Cannabis Shortbread!


4oz cannabutter/regular butter (The more cannabutter you have, the stronger it will be but the "greener" it will taste, so use some regular butter instead if you want a more buttery flavour)
3oz caster sugar
5oz flour
1oz semolina

Cooking Instructions:

Cream the cannabutter and sugar together, until it is creamy and light. Then add flour and semolina gradually, stirring it in with a fork. Draw it all together with fingertips, until you get a dough.

Press it into a greased tin, prick well all over, bake at 150c for about 30-35 mins. Take them out, drench in sugar and cut into shortbread pieces.

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