Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Green Dragon

Just a quick one this...

The legendary Green Dragon is a simple and immensely potent way of consuming cannabis. Mixing very strong alcohol and weed, this recipe isn't for the faint hearted - go easy when you first try it!


1 litre strong alcohol (the stronger and purer the better. Absolut vodka and overproof rum are possibilities...but stay away from absinthe unless you are feeling especially dangerous!)
1/2 ounce cannabis


Simple enough. Grind the cannabis into a powder and add it to the alcohol. Then just leave it to brew...

Give it a good shake every day, and leave it for at least two weeks (though Green Dragon purists would say you have to leave it for a month or so.) Then just crack it open and enjoy. Be warned once again - it is VERY powerful!

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