Friday, 16 January 2009

Cannabis Tea

For those who like to enjoy a hot drink on cold winter days - but with a twist. Best for breakfast, with tiffin, strong like a builders, weak in earl grey...well, pretty much any time. :) thanks to ( you can also substitute leaf for cannabis seeds for a slightly different...taste.


Billy's Marijuana Tea

4 cups water
1 cup marijuana leaf
2 of your favorite tea bags
honey (optional, but good)
milk/soy milk/rice milk (optional, but good)

Boil water and leave the leaf simmering in water for about 15 min. Add tea bags and or milk/honey and boil for another 5-10 min. If adding milk, pour very slowly so the milk doesn't curdle. Or microwave the milk first so it's a little warm as it hits the boiling tea.

Peter Piper's Marijuana Tea
gently simmer 1 gram cannabis per cup whole milk for 20 minutes...remove from heat and steep 1 mint tea bag per cup for 4 - 6 minutes...strain and refrigerate...stores well for at least one week I make a version of this with sugar and alcohol and liquor flavouring. I use 10% cream instead of whole milk and at Least 7 grams of cannabis per cup of cream...stores well for about 6 - 12 ounce per serving...warms the heart!

Cannabutter Marijuana Tea
It's made with the liquid left over from making cannabutter that's reheated with a generous dollop of cannabutter in it. Put a little honey in it and it's sort of a gagging as it goes down kind of way. It's sort of better when you just add cannabutter to an Earl Grey or Orange spice herbal tea.

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